Official Documents and Forms

Official Documents

  1. JFAO Constitution (PDF)
  2. JFAO Policies (PDF)
  3. Club Affiliation Report Form (PDF, Microsoft Word)
  4. JFAO Financial Statements (PDF)
  5. Club Handbook (PDF)
  6. Position Descriptions (PDF)
  7. Committee Duties and Timelines (PDF)
  8. JFAO Pamphlet (PDF)
  9. How To Write a Press Release (PDF)
  10. CFS Brochure (PDF)


  1. JFAO President’s Rose Awards (PDF, Microsoft Word)
  2. Exchange Application (Microsoft Word)
  3. 2018 JFAO Financial Report (PDF, Microsoft Word)
  4. Hosting Application (PDF)
  5. Club Membership Form (PDF, Microsoft Excel)
  6. Club Insurance Application Form (PDF , Microsoft Word)
  7. Expense Claim Form Cash Reimbursement (Microsoft Excel)
  8. Expense Claim Form In-Kind Donation (Microsoft Excel)
  9. Display Borrowing Contract (PDF)
  10. Membership Item Order Form (Microsoft Word)
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