JFAO is funded solely with the support of members, donors and sponsors.


Who We Are

Building Leaders. Building Communities.

JFAO provides opportunities for young people age 15-29 of all backgrounds, but especially those in rural Ontario, to take on the challenge of exploring their individual talents and potential to develop personally while being involved in bettering their communities, networking, and having fun. JFAO’s mission is “To Build Future Rural Leaders, Through Self-Help and Community Betterment.”

Self-directed programs and opportunities provided by JFAO and its 15 affiliated clubs help to develop a member’s sense of social and environmental responsibility, the ability to provide effective leadership, and an awareness of good citizenship within the community and world around them.


Members across the province have the opportunity to participate in exchanges with several countries and one province, as well as provincial sport, cultural, and skills competitions.

Leadership Camp, Communications Workshops, March Conference, Director’s Training and the Ontario Young Farmers Forums round out JFAO’s personal development opportunities, not including the many locally organized inter-club challenges and events. JFAO also works with 4-H Ontario, its own alumni and many other partners to further increase the opportunities for youth in Ontario.

Each year JF members collectively donate to charitable projects across the province, along with countless hours of volunteer service. A provincial charity is designated each year, a list of which can be found here on our website. JFAO also operates the Ontario Century Farm recognition program, which began as a centennial project in 1967.

The first JF clubs formed in 1914 in Durham, York, Peel, and Middlesex.  JFAO is a charitable organization established in 1944 with the support of the rural extension branch of the Ontario government, with a membership of approximately 10,000 at its peak. Today JFAO is funded solely with the support of members, donors and sponsors.  

Executive – Representatives – Staff

Junior Farmers’ Association of Ontario

Carson Wagner

Carson Wagner


My name is Carson Wagner, and I am your President for the upcoming season! I am from New Hamburg (which is technically in Waterloo County), but I am a member of the Oxford County Junior Farmers! I have been a member for about 8 years but time flies by when you’re having fun each year. I help run my family dairy farm with my parents where we are milking around 60 cows with a robot, alongside I run a custom bale wrapping business. Fun fact about me: I have worked at the Canada Outdoor Farm show for 9 years helping with setup and some teardown, during that time I have met a lot of fun people from all around the country. I am looking forward to working with everyone throughout JFAO and am excited to have the opportunity to represent Junior Farmers. If anyone has any questions or concerns I would be happy to talk to you about it.


Jolande Oudshoorn

Past President

Hi, my name is Jolande, and I am currently a member of Huron Perth Junior Farmers and Wentworth-Niagara Junior Farmers. I joined Huron Perth in 2019, and had the opportunity to participate in club, Zone, and Provincial events while helping merge the club. This will be my 6th and final year in Junior Farmers, having joined the board in 2022 as the Director of Finance. A little about me outside of Junior Farmers is that I immigrated to Canada from Holland. Growing up, I lived on a broiler, veal, and cash crop farm. Moving off the farm, I still continue to raise sheep and chickens. I currently work in finance at an upper-tier municipality, earning my CPA in 2020.


Karen De Bruyn


Hi everyone, I’m Karen. I have been a proud Oxford JF member for 11 years. I was born and raised on a farrow to finish pig farm in Salford, and I work fulltime in management at a boar stud. I have been very involved in my local club, serving many of the executive positions and helping organize our largest annual event, the Embro Truck and Tractor pull. I was fortunate to travel to Ireland in 2019 on exchange. I served as CIP director on the 2022-2023 board. I am very passionate about Junior Farmers as I think it provides opportunities and connections that you won’t find anywhere else. In addition to carrying out the finance director’s duties, my goal for the year is to build membership to ensure we have an organization for many years to come.


Keely Henderson


Hi everyone, my name is Keely Henderson, and I am currently a member of the Renfrew County Junior Farmers. This is my 3rd year as a Junior Farmers member, and I wish I had joined when I was younger! What I have liked about Junior Farmers is how much the clubs give back and volunteer within their communities. I also really enjoy attending the Junior Farmers provincial events throughout the year, where I get to see all the other Junior Farmer members from across the province! A little bit about myself: I recently graduated from Nipissing University with a double major in Biology and Computer Science. Then this spring I will be graduating from my post-grad Cybersecurity Certificate program! In the future, I want to continue my education and get my Masters in Cyber Security. My goal is to specialize in Cybersecurity for Agriculture where I can help farmers mitigate the risks of cyber-attacks happening on their farms. When I am not at school I am back home in Renfrew working on my family's farm where we grow corn and soybeans. I am excited to take on this new position on the executive team and to see what we are able to accomplish in 2024!


Christena Jenkins-Giffen


Hello everyone, I’m Christena and I joined the Middlesex Junior Farmers in 2019. This will be my 2nd year on the board and I am excited for this new role as the Director of Communications. I graduated from Ridgetown College in 2015 with an Associate Diploma in Horticulture and in 2016 with an Associate Diploma in Agriculture. I then went on to the University of Guelph and graduated in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Degree. I currently work at Beechwood Agri Services, a food grade soybean processing plant, where I am the Location Manager. I am involved in 4-H as a one of the leaders for the Middlesex Go for the Gold club and the Ilderton Sheep club this year. I can’t wait to see what adventures are in store for 2024!


Sarah Danen

Community and International Programs

Hello everyone! My name is Sarah Danen and I am excited to take on the position as the Director of Community and International Programs. Last year, I had the opportunity to travel on an exchange to the Republic of Ireland. I enjoyed every chance I had to make new friends, embrace new experiences and the agriculture industry. I look forward to allowing other members to have the same experiences that I did. I am currently in my 8th year as a member of the Oxford County Junior Farmers. I live and work on my parents dairy farm and have a full-time job as a Agriculture Client Relationship Manager at Scotiabank. During my free time I enjoy baseball, curling, and being outdoors. I am excited to take on a new role and look forward to this year and what it will have in store!


Dana Quinn

East Zone Director

Hey! I'm Dana and I am a Carleton County Junior Farmers member. I may not have a huge agricultural background, but that's what makes Junior Farmers great - anyone can be a part of it! In 2019 I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Management and I work for the Government of Canada. Since joining JF in 2022 I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of great people locally and provincially. Who would have thought that agreeing to go out to a meeting and one event would lead to so many great memories and to becoming secretary of my club and the East Zone Director. I am thankful it has! I hope to encourage others (even if they don't have an ag background) to come try a JF event! I can't wait to see what this year will bring!

Jack Vickers

Jack Vickers

Central Zone Director

My name is Jack Vickers, I am this years Central Zone Director. I’m part of the Grey County Junior Farmers. I graduated from University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus in 2021 and came back to farm along side my dad where we milk 66 cows tie stall, as well as do some cash cropping. I’ve been apart of junior farmers since I was 16. I’m looking forward to this year and all the fun events junior farmers puts on.


Hansford Mahon

West Zone Director

Hi! My name is Hansford Mahon, and I am part of the Middlesex Junior Farmers. I have been a part of Junior Farmers since 2013, and have attended many events and took on many roles, as President, Treasurer and Provincial Director. While a part of Junior Farmers, I have been able to host international delegates, run Autumn Profile, and Sing Swing and have taken part in many club projects. I live on a farm Northwest of London and run a tiling and excavation business. I have graduated Dalhousie University for Business Management in Agriculture, and am a part of the Middlesex Soil and Crop organization as well as volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters London. I look forward to being the west zone director through communicating between clubs and organizing events. I am excited to take on this executive position and see where the year takes us!


Hannah Arnold

Social Media Rep

Hi everyone, my name is Hannah Arnold. I joined Middlesex Junior Farmers in 2023. I didn’t grow up on a farm but my boyfriend, Campbell has taught me the ins and outs of dairy farming. Over the past year I have become passionate about it. He asked me to join Junior Farmers and I’m so glad I did. It has been a blast meeting new people and participating in fun events. I’m a Registered Pharmacy Technician and currently work at Stratford Hospital. A fun hobby I’ve been apart of for about 14 years is tractor pulling. My dad built my sister and I a few tractors and we’ve travelled all across Ontario, Quebec and the USA. Junior Farmers is such a fun club to be apart of and I can’t wait to see what it has in store for us throughout the next few years!


Amelia Judge

4-H Ontario Rep

Hey everyone, my name is Amelia Judge and I am this year's 4-H Representative for Junior Farmers. I am currently a member of Wellington County Junior Farmers, and have held a number of executive roles within my club. This will be my first year on the provincial executive, and I am excited to see where it goes. Outside of Junior Farmers, I farm with my family in Caledon, ON. Our farm focuses on dairy, beef, and crops. I also raise my own poultry. Through this 4-H Representative role I hope to improve relations between our two clubs and hopefully increase our membership numbers. I was a member of Peel 4-H for eleven years, and I have seen how 4-H has a positive influence on youths. I think there is a lot to be gained for both organizations by working together.


Jordyn Domio


Hey there! My name is Jordyn Domio, and I will be the new OFA Representative for JFAO. I am from the Niagara Region where I grew up on my family’s fruit farm, and I am a member of the Wentworth-Niagara club that we have been working to get up and running again. I am excited to step into the role of OFA rep as I am passionate about agricultural outreach and policy development and feel that I can do great work bridging JFAO and OFA together. I have been on the board of directors of the Niagara Federation of Agriculture (NFA) for over 2 years now, and I am also one of Niagara PAC members for the OFA. I have participated as a Young Leader for the OFA at several lobbying events and have worked closely with the OFA Executive Board on many occasions through my role with NFA. I look forward to working with the OFA again to champion the efforts of JFAO and working to further the collaboration between our two organizations.


Derrick Leclair


MissionTo build rural leaders through personal growth, travel, experiences, and community betterment.


Junior Farmer clubs in Ontario were formed long before JFAO came to be. In 1914, agricultural short courses were conducted by the Agricultural Representatives in several counties.

JFAO at a Glance

For over 65 years, JFAO has played an important role in the development of leaders – most visibly in the rural and agricultural sector. JFAO alumni know the value of the training they received in JF and support our continued efforts to help shape the next generation of leaders. Our alumni also fondly recall the fun and lifelong friendships that began during their time as members. The real beauty of Junior Farmers is that the skill development is disguised in so much fun! See More

In the Beginning

Junior Farmers has developed as a result of many people’s efforts over the last 90+ years. JFAO, which serves as the means through which our mission and principles may be developed and maintained throughout Ontario, provides co-ordination and leadership to clubs and opportunities to network through a variety of inter-club competitions, activities, and exchanges. JFAO gives future leaders a voice in related organizations… See More


In 1943, there were 3834 members in 56 local Clubs and 27 County Associations. Within the first 5 years of the formation of the Provincial Association, membership soared to nearly 10,000. In 1974 there were 7045 members in 125 local Clubs and 47 County Associations. Through the 1980s and 1990s a number of factors (including the absolute loss of public funding and staff support) led to a steady decline in membership. The unfaltering dedication of some key members… See More