JFAO is funded solely with the support of members, donors and sponsors.



Anyone wishing to join an existing club can click on the Join Today button to register. If there is not an active club in your area and you wish to re-establish one, you can contact the Executive Director of Membership through

The only requirements to start a club are that club members be between the ages of 15-29, and that they participate in a basic program of leadership development and community service. JFAO has developed tools to help clubs accomplish this and other members are always willing to mentor.

Information on the benefits of sponsoring JFAO programs can be obtained by e-mailing .

A Copy of the latest JFAO Annual Report can be found here.

More information on the history of JFAO is available in “A Rural Legacy: the history of the Junior Farmers’ Association of Ontario.” JFAO, Guelph: 1981 by Linda Biesenthal.

Junior Farmers are volunteers.

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