Advocating for Agriculture: Tractor Safety

Session 1 - Thursday, November 4, 2021 at 7:00pm

Fred - 2021 OYFF Speaker

Fred Young


My family owned and operated a dairy farm for 37 years an hour east of Ottawa. Glenngary County. I am an Algonquin College Graduate, Fire Protection Technician, Agricultural Health and Safety Consultant 1990 -Present. I have been providing health and safety services to agricultural employers and small owner operator family farms. Training operators on tractor and other equipment hazards, silo and grain bin hazards developing safety programs, investigating critical injuries, conduction on farm hazard assessments. Developing and assisting local agricultural farm safety associations.

Tractor safety is more than just about the dangers of driving a tractor.

It’s also about the dangers of riding one and using it to haul dangerous loads. It’s also about using tractors to travel on the road, as opposed to staying on the farm, where tractors can be used as normal. It’s also about guarding against the dangers of PTOs (power takeoffs).  Topics of this session include: Side and rear rollovers, no riders and travelling on the road, guarding of PTO’S, hazards around the farm, emergency numbers.

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