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Elite Agri Solutions

Elite Agri Solutions
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Online Safety Training Courses

Regulations for health and safety training in Ontario are constantly changing. It can be overwhelming, trying to keep track of everything, especially with everything else going on! We know now more than ever, workplace safety is top priority of small business owners, construction workers, and farmers alike.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone! Elite Agri Solutions Inc is here to help. We are certified to offer a variety of health and safety training in Ontario. Whether you’re looking for training for farming equipment, or for worksite safety for construction, our training courses will be a great fit. Click on a safety training topic below to get started!

Training courses are available on Elite Agri Solutions Inc partner website.

Learn more about Elite Agri Solutions Inc from their website. Click the buttons below to see the course training description and purchase a course. Note: you will be leaving the JFAO website to access the training material.

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Farm Safety Awareness

Agriculture, like any industry, should put the health and safety of the workers above all else. Every worker deserves to return home each day safe,,,


CASA Tractor & Farm Machinery

In this course we will discuss Tractor Safety on your farm and provide some awareness training to help ensure that tractor operators understand...

farm scene from elite agri online training

Farm Fire Safety

Farm Fire Safety

Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural Machinery Safeguarding

The training program for safeguarding agricultural machinery for protecting the health and safety of agricultural workers...

Milk processing

Dairy Worker Safety Orientation

This series of eight training modules presents an introductory health and safety orientation for new and returning workers ...

highway tractor training

Transporting Livestock - EAS

There are many hazards to consider whenever a person is behind the wheel. Behind the wheel of a vehicle transporting livestock has...


Access all the farm safety training courses here.

See all the available course on Elite Agri Solutions Inc Online Training Resources.

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Safety Training

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About Elite Agri Solutions Inc

Elite Agri Solutions Inc provides safety training for workers in the farming industry.

Elite Agri Solutions Inc is operated by Jonathan Giret. Jonathan has a Bachelor of Bio Resource Management from the University of Guelph and entered the poultry industry in 2016, building his first barn in West Lorne, Ontario.

He is a Nationally Certified Safety Officer by the Alberta Construction Safety Association and holds an AOSPDC certificate to complete Nutrient Management Plans for farmers.