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Getting Ready for Wales – Zach Lance

Getting Ready for Wales – Zach Lance
Getting Ready for Wales – Zach Lance

As usual, summer has flown by, which in turn means I have to start packing my things, and get ready to head to Wales for my exchange opportunity! Ever since March, during the annual conference, where after completing an application, as well as a presentation, written test, and lastly a speech challenge, all in front of a panel of judges, I was awarded the opportunity to head to Wales for two weeks! As soon as I knew that I would be heading to Wales in July, I knew that the spring and summer months were going to be ever busier than usual, as I wanted to complete as much around the farm as I could before leaving. Right now I currently live with my grandparents in Cobden, Ontario on their 100 acre farm where I raise my own cow/calf pairs. In terms of crops I mostly grow hay for my cows, as well as the odd field of grain. As a result, I am part of the Renfrew County club. I am so proud to be a member of this club for all of the opportunities provided to us to be able to help our community.

Whether it be raising money through a bottle drive for the local food bank, or volunteering at the Cobden fair, there are always many smiling faces to thank us for our time, which makes me feel proud to help the people that make Renfrew County such a great place to live. While in Wales I look forward to not only the travel aspect of my exchange, but also to learn and understand different farming techniques then what I may be used to at home, and also how farming plays a role in their local culture. I expect it to be a very enjoyable exchange that I am very thankful that JFAO offers for the youth of Ontario. Throughout the trip I will be very excited to provide updates on Twitter @JFAOtraveller as well as my Instagram page; zeelance.

Zach Lance
Renfrew County Junior Farmers Member


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