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Summer 2022 Club-2-Club Exchanges Recap Part 2

Summer 2022 Club-2-Club Exchanges Recap Part 2
Elizabeth-and-Christine exchange

Exchange between Elizabeth Bruce from Oxford and Christine Wyville from Grey

August 5-7, 2022


I had an awesome exchange with Grey County JF over a weekend in August. The first night I was able to meet most of the Grey JF members at a backyard BBQ and pool party at my host, Christine Wyville’s house near Markdale. I was able to visit several members’ workplaces and farms over the weekend including a beef show herd, a sheep operation and a fertilizer business. We hiked up Old Baldy, a lookout point 150 metres above the Beaver Valley and hiked to see the waterfall at Indian Falls. I also to played tourist and checked out the ski village in Collingwood. It was a wonderful weekend spent with new and old JF friends! I’d highly recommend going on any of the many JF exchange opportunities, you won’t regret it!


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