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Wellington Club Murder Mystery

Wellington Club Murder Mystery
virtual murder mystery

A unique event that the Wellington Club held this year was a virtual Murder Mystery night. Being in this unique time where in person events were limited creativity was needed to find activities that were new and engaging that could also be transitioned to a virtual platform. This event did require members and guests to RSVP so that their “guest” profile could be created. Through advertising at the club level 7 members/alumni and 1 guest from a neighbouring club were able to attend.

When reflecting on the night, member Amelia Judge said that her favourite part of the night was, “At the end where we all gave little blurbs as to why we weren’t the killer and seeing some very good acting. Also each person guessing who they thought was the killer.” Member Taylor Dane said, “it was a boatload of fun!”

Overall, this was an activity that required preplanning but could be easily modified for different ages and demographics and could be used to specifically target groups such as 4-H. Wellington has another Murder Mystery event in the works – hopefully in person!


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