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Wentworth Junior Farmers Volunteered at the Ancaster Food Drive

Wentworth Junior Farmers Volunteered at the Ancaster Food Drive

On February 20th and 21st the Wentworth Junior Farmers volunteered at the Ancaster Food Drive and it was a great experience. Matt Smith was there for the Friday and helped out by unloading donations from schools and organizing things for the following day, when the flood gates of food would really open. Heather Thompson and I went on the Saturday, ready to dive in. We chose our route and headed out, into the oncoming snowfall to pick up the food. It was a joy to meet the people who were generous enough to donate.

After we finished the hunting and gathering portion of our morning we came back to unload. We took up posts unloading the containers from vehicles as they came back from their routes. I had a great time doing it and meeting new people. I would like to do it again next year.

If you are 15-29 years and would like to join the Wentworth Junior club or any other club in your area contact myself at or call 519-822-6211. If you want more information about Junior Farmers, go to for details.


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