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11th Annual JFAO Charity Golf Tournament

11th Annual JFAO Charity Golf Tournament

by Kristy-Anne Wytenburg, Director of Fund Development

The 11th Annual JFAO Charity Golf Tournament was held Friday August 11th, 2017 at Guelph Lakes Golf and Country Club. The golf tournament is a way JFAO brings together current members, past members, partners, exchangee delegates and the community, in order to raise funds for the operations of the organization. It began with a sausage BBQ lunch as teams registered and picked out their “poker run” hand. A game we played called poker run consists of individuals selecting cards at registration and then having the opportunity to exchange them twice throughout the day. The individual with the best poker hand at the end of the golf day, wins a prize!

The shot-gun start commenced with the sun shining. We spread our international delegates throughout different teams to mingle with partners, alumni and members. Steve McCabe from the Grain Farmers of Ontario joined a team of members and a delegate for the day. The day ended with a steak dinner and banquet to celebrate the day’s victories.

A special thank you to our 2017 Golf Tournament sponsors including:
Grain Farmers of Ontario, Richardson International Limited, Linamar Corporation, Growmark, Ontario Holsteins, Eggs Farmers of Ontario, and Woodrill. Stayed tuned details of our 2018 Charity Golf Tournament!


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