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A Junior Farmer Irish Adventure Begins for Local Young Farmer

A Junior Farmer Irish Adventure Begins for Local Young Farmer

by Adrian Straathof

The ticket has been booked for a while. The bag was packed this morning. The passport was dug out last night. I’m ready for my Irish adventure thanks to the JFAO International Exchange Opportunities.

The appeal of travelling to the Emerald Isle includes a little bit of curiosity about the home of my maternal ancestors but mostly learning about agriculture in another country. Accompanying the learning part will be the chance to meet my Young Farmer hosts and their families. Living with host families allows me to be a part of different farming operations; a real chance to learn about agriculture up close and hands on.

Host families and the area Young Farmers Clubs have planned a full itinerary for my three week stay. Starting in the Waterford Munster area, I then travel to attend the Tullamore Show, Club Officer Training in Galway, and wrap up my Irish adventure in Laois.

Junior Farmers Association of Ontario has offered international travel opportunities to its members for a number of years. I am fortunate to have been awarded a second exchange opportunity after representing Junior Farmers in Wales in 2015. Other exchange recipients this year include: Amanda Brodhagen- U.K, Nic Willemsma- Germany, Danielle Teefy- Scotland, Kate Johnson- Austria, and Zach Lance- Wales.

Junior Farmers is open to members between ages 15-30 across Ontario. Check us out at, and on social media. Google us!

As I board my plane I leave you with this bit of Irish wisdom:

“In Ireland the inevitable never happens and the unexpected constantly occurs.”
~~By Sir John Pentland Mahaffy


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