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Adam Exchange

Adam Exchange

Every year JFAO hosts delegates from around the world for 3 months in the summer and for 2 weeks in the fall. These delegates are from sister organizations and are billeted by our membership and alumni. Every year we look for volunteers to host. It is something that is enjoyed by both the delegates and the hosts.

Are you a member, but haven’t hosted delegates yet? A little unsure of what it involves? Check out what this year’s delegate from England had to say about it!
Hi I’m Adam; I was the English delegate on this summer’s exchange to JFAO. It was an amazing experience in part because of the wonderful people and families who agreed to host me. The hosts did a great job to make me feel at home away from home. Showing me the local sights and scenes of their area, someone to socialise and talk to after the normally hectic days of farm and business tours and adding that personal touch to really understanding Canada- usually that extra person to share poutine with. The experience is definitely a two-way gain with the hosts learning about my background, culture and country with the added bonus of the stay being reciprocated whenever they want to come to England. I’m sure to have the kettle on for tea when they come!
If you have any questions or wish to know more about the exchanges (both incoming and outgoing), don’t hesitate to contact our Executive Director of Community and International Programs, Sarah Teefy at


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