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A Roast and Toast for Kurtis Smith

A Roast and Toast for Kurtis Smith
A Roast and Toast for Kurtis Smith


Brought to you in part by: Middlesex Junior Farmer, Krista Jeffrey

On January 13th, 2018 the Middlesex Junior Farmers hosted a roast and toast in honour, of Past president, Kurtis Smith. Kurtis always strives for the best and shoots for the top. In 2016 he became the 73rd president of JFAO. It was right to the top for Kurtis. On January 18, 2018 Provincial Directors and other members travelled from many counties across the province to celebrate the end of Kurtis’ reign as president and past president with the annual roast and toast.

Over the past year, Kurtis has been a very active member and attended many events across the province. At the Ilderton community centre, we took the night to celebrate all of his accomplishments in Kurtis’ JF years. The night was full of stories, pictures and a parody presentation of Taylor Swifts “love story”, highlighting his accomplishments and some funny memories. We learned so very much. It was a very nice black tie evening filled with laughter and joy and who could forget the amazing food we enjoyed. Couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate the end of another great, well accomplished JFAO presidency.


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