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Another Day, Another Zone: Zone 2

Another Day, Another Zone: Zone 2
Zone 2 Exchange

The delegates had yet another couple of busy weeks in zone two! Each delegate had some highlights they would like to share as well!

Kate Johnson of Durham West said they started off the week by taking the delegates to the Pan Am torch at Uxbridge Town Hall, Greenwood Mushroom Farm, Ocala Winery, a BBQ lunch and then went to Hop Hill Horse Farm, Mustards Dairy tour and Crop tour, Richters Herbs and shopping. They also had time to spend with their host families to get to know them better! To finish off the week they went to a cottage overnight, Reesors Elevator, Bob Stones Chicken farm, the Stoffville market and Kate Johnson’s beef farm tour. The final event was a potluck supper send off and bonfire at Eriks.

Angela McDonald from Kawartha said “Our zone had a lot of fun with the delegates! At the start of the week we all spent quite a lot of time together. We went to the Warsaw Caves near Peterborough, cowboy boot shopping, the beach, winery tour, shopping in Bobcaygeon, and a lacrosse game in Peterborough. Friday we didn’t try to meet up so I’m not sure what everyone got up to, but Beatrice, Caroline, Lisa, and I went on a beef farm tour and then to a world renowned taxidermist where we saw some iconic Canadian animals including a polar bear. We all left that evening for Redneck Games in Carlton where the girls met their next hosts.”  Lisa’s highlights of the last two weeks were the mushroom farm, getting to see the Belgian show horses and getting see the pan am games torch go through Uxbridge where they got to meet the mayor, going to Vanshaiks dairy farm to milk in their tie stall barn and finding an Irish cow ! Seeing Ron’s taxidermy was really cool they got to see polar bears and found out he has shipped animals to Ireland for the filming of Vikings! Caroline’s highlights included the mushroom farm tour, party with everyone at Erik’s house, and the dairy farm tours. Beatrice’s highlights were the mushroom farm, wheat spraying with Erik, chicken wings evening with dance, winery, the caves, milking, and the “private” farm walk with Angela where she showed her, her farm and crops (corn, soybeans and wheat). Beatrice said she learned a lot from Angela!  Christina’s highlights were the mushroom farm, maple sugar farm, pistol club, and being the special guest at the Becca’s mom’s teaching class.

Gillian’s highlights were the mushroom farm and the 105 dance, although she said she really enjoyed the last two weeks in general!

A huge thank you goes out to Jeffery Wilson, Kate Johnson, Joel Speers and Erik Kressibucher of Durham West as well as, Rebecca Keitel of Peterborough, Tricia Staples, Angela McDonald and Nicole Sproxton of Kawartha for hosting in zone two!! Another big thank you goes out to everyone who hosted tours and spent time driving our international guests these past two week! The delegates have now moved on to zone 1 where they will stay with Renfrew for two weeks enjoying eastern Ontario! Check out the Renfrew County Junior Farmer Facebook page for a schedule of events on the upcoming two weeks and how you can get involved!


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