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Huron Perth Fall Adventures 2021

Huron Perth Fall Adventures 2021
Huron Perth Fall Adventures 2021

It’s been a great year with Huron Perth Junior Farmers, gaining many new and energetic members. We had a blast with farm tours, campfires, and community projects to name a few. In late 2020, we wanted to promote Century Farm Signs in Huron and Perth. The Century Farm Show came about after collaboration with members’ talents and the desire to showcase the deep roots of agriculture in Huron and Perth Counties. With community support along with the Huron Heritage Fund, and farm families willing to share their stories, we were able to produce the Show. We wanted to include the story of Century Farm families and how their farm and family has evolved over the years in the docuseries. We spent many months researching and interviewing various families in Huron and Perth, finding sponsors and finalizing the project. We officially launched the first monthly episode on January 27th, 2022 featuring Tom and Bev Prout (JFAO Alumni) at the Prout Family Farm. Their 5th generation farm is a cash crop operation, producing honey, Christmas trees and has a community garden. In episode 2, we showcase Hugh and Rhonda Love. This 125 year old farm has seen different
operations on it, but is known as the home to many award winning Clydesdales. We are excited to finally bring the show on air and hope everyone enjoys learning about some of our local history!

The weather getting colder didn’t slow Huron-Perth down one bit! We got into the Halloween spirit at our October meeting with a pumpkin carving social, and drank hot chocolate to keep warm outside. We attended Grey County’s Amazing Race, and one of our teams even tied for first place! For our November meeting we stayed in, for a movie night and popcorn. Once December rolled in we started participating in our local Christmas Parade with a float and our Mascot! We went skating with Middlesex, Oxford and Waterloo. We finished the year off with a Christmas party and meeting. We played games, exchanged gifts and had a potluck.


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