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Sarah Danen – Ireland – Part 2

Sarah Danen – Ireland – Part 2
Sarah Danen - Ireland
The second half of my exchange was a little different than the first half. I toured a few more farms and also worked for one of my host families. One of the biggest differences I saw on farms is Ireland compared to Canadian farms is that the dairy farms only calve once a year meaning they only milk for approximately 9 months of the year. As well they also graze their cattle year-round and only feed grass and grass silage. In between some of the work, I still had the change to do a little bit of touring around. The other delegate from Switzerland and I went for a bike around Killarney National Park and saw some more castles. I also went to the Tullemore Show, which is the 2nd largest agriculture show in Ireland. It was also great to meet, interact and participate in some of their Macra events (young farmers club) throughout my time in Ireland. Overall, I really enjoyed the opportunity that I got to travel to Ireland. I would like to thank all of my host families for allowing me to stay with them and for showing me around the country. I would definitely recommend that if anyone is able to they should take the chance to explore the opportunities of a Junior Farmers exchange.

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