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Dundas Food Drive

Dundas Food Drive
I’m not sure about you, but it isn’t very often that I’m going to bed hungry. If I feel the slightest bit of discomfort I go to the fridge and see what’s new to eat. Unfortunately not everybody has that kind of luxury. For all you know your next door neighbour may be barely hanging on to the roof over their heads; this is very disheartening to think about. So Dundas JF decided that it was time to use the goal of Junior Farmers to better our community. As a group we met up and encouraged the town of Winchester to donate a little bit of food in order to help the food bank in town. Surprisingly the little town took advantage of this opportunity to help this great cause. On Sunday July 19 we collected 309 items and $115.72 which all went into helping the food bank. As soon as we drove up to the doors you could already see the gratitude on the owner’s face. It was indeed a very successful day for Dundas JF and knowing we may have helped a family makes it all that much better.

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