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Exchange Opportunities Abroad Through Junior Farmers

Exchange Opportunities Abroad Through Junior Farmers
Becky Aikens Pre-Exchange (Ireland)

A life long dream is about to come true this August for three weeks with the opportunity to travel to the Republic of Ireland. How did this opportunity come up you ask? The Junior Farmers Association of Ontario (JFAO), and their exchange opportunities for international and provincial travel exchanges. I have been a member with the Huron County Junior Farmers for three and a half years, and have enjoyed learning about the travel experiences from both incoming and outgoing delegates. Local clubs spread across the province take turns hosting other youth from across the world giving them an opportunity to experience the farming culture in Canada. This year currently we are hosting people from Scotland, Switzerland, Austria, and Republic of Ireland, and in November delegates from Wales and Belgium will be with us.

In March at our Annual March Conference, I along with seven other youths were awarded travel opportunities to several counties after taking a small test about Canada and JFAO, and gave presentation about ourselves to the judges. Currently the other Canadian delegates are traveling around Switzerland, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Others will be traveling to Wales, Belgium, and Prince Edward Island as the summer progresses.

I have been working at the Huron Community Family Health Team in Seaforth Ont for the past three years as a Register Practical Nurse. Living at home with my parents, Marlis and Calvin, has helped me to save up for this dream come true. As the last few months have flew past and my departing flight is coming up quickly this opportunity is becoming more real. I’m getting excited for the sheep, castles, and experiencing the Irish culture.

Becky is 24 years old and lives on her family run Beef/Veal farm. She is currently a Registered Practical Nurse working in a Family Health Team Clinic, and has been a member with the Huron Junior Farmers since 2012. She enjoys learning to knit, reading books, finding a good deal on shoes, and learning to wake-board with her boyfriend. She is looking for to living with members’ families, and experiencing Ireland like a local. Most excited to see the history and tour castles.


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