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Pigs On The Lawn

Pigs On The Lawn
Pigs on the Lawn - Huron Perth

On Monday, May 24 our Pigs found their way out of the barn and onto the lawn of a few farmers in Huron and Perth County. They have been making their way around again and visiting lots of different farms on the way. Many people have been loving them and enjoying sending them off to neighbors, friends and family. The pigs went over so well last year that the club decided it would be a great idea to do it again this time a little sooner when everyone is a little bit more available to help with the moving of them. We have decided that we are wanting to donate to the Food Bank again this year and any other money we are hoping to send to mental health initiatives in the area. The pigs will be moving over the course of the month or so until they make it back home but until then keep your eyes open in Huron and Perth for the pigs and where they have decided to sit for the month.

By Lauren Bos


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