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Time Is Disappearing

Time Is Disappearing
Perth County where we were welcomed with a club BBQ

Time is disappearing but great memories are being made.  I cannot believe we have traveled through another two counties already.

After Waterloo we headed off to Huron County, although the weather had became a little colder this week that did not damping any of our spirits and we had a busy week touring around the county.  A few highlights of the week was heading to Goderich to the beach, the museum and Jail, hearing the history behind the County, kayaking on a Lake, attending a Stag and Doe and some fun farm tours, Huron Tractor and The Hensell Co-op tours.  One of the different kind of tours we did go to was to a Banana Farm,  this was really interesting for us and the members of Huron to see all the tropical plants he grew and hearing how he is planning to expand is business.

The following week we headed to Perth County where we were welcomed with a club BBQ, pool party and dance
lessons.  This week was jammed packed, we went a trip into Stratford where we got a tour of the theatre warehouse and got to see all the amazing costumes.  We also got to see a wild boar farm and a water buffalo farm.  This was very interesting for us all as we do not have these kind of farms in an of our countries.

We ended out week at Dungannon Tractor Pull dance which was great fun, the members from Huron County were
there too so it meant we could socialize with both clubs.

p.s. Thanks for making the AB event page!

Kristy-Anne Wytenburg
Executive Director of Community & International Programs


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