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What’s up with Wellington Junior Farmers

What’s up with Wellington Junior Farmers
Wellington County Junior Farmers

Wellington County Junior Farmers have been very busy the past few months!

In the beginning of June we welcomed the international delegates who stayed with a few of our club members during their week in the county. There were 5 delegates from the areas of Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. During there time with us they were kept very busy doing various farm tours such as; Elora Beef and Dairy Research Farms, Alma Fish Research Farm, DHI sample Analysis lab in Guelph and various dairy, goat and fish farms across the county. They also got to go rappelling down the Elora Gorge, a tour of Cox Creek Cellars, a car rally with our club members and many more activities. The delegates then travelled to the JFAO Leadership Camp to meet their new host club.

In the beginning of July our club attended the Smoke and Sounds Festival in Drayton where we ran Jr Farmer Olympics for children of all ages. The kids got to compete against each other through an obstacle course that included egg on a spoon race, sac race and running a wheel barrel through a course. We had about 13 participants and got good feedback about the booth. As per a challenge proposed by Oxford JF, we were also able to hand out a few copies of the “Real Dirt on Farming” Magazine, which we obtained from Farm & Food Care.

August and September hold a lot of exciting events for the Wellington Junior Farmers. Some upcoming events include; Drayton Fall Fair, Harriston Fall Fair, Elora Raceway Night and various social events. Stay Tuned for more to come!


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