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Month: July 2015

Wellington County Junior Farmers
Club Newsletter

What’s up with Wellington Junior Farmers

In the beginning of June we welcomed the international delegates who stayed with a few of our club members during their week in the county. There were 5 delegates

One Month in Scotland - Victoria Kyle

One Month in Scotland – Victoria Kyle

Scotland—where do I begin?! I can’t believe a month of my exchange has already passed. I have done some amazing things and met so many great people. I am sad to be leaving Scotland but also excited to start a new


Zone 1 – More Then Just a Host, A Family

I talked to the delegates after they left Zone 1 and I was so inspired to hear that Zone 1 was more then just a host to these girls. Zone 1 was like a family to our international guests! I heard nothing but great things about how the


Dundas Food Drive

I’m not sure about you, but it isn’t very often that I’m going to bed hungry. If I feel the slightest bit of discomfort I go to the fridge and see what’s new to eat. Unfortunately not everybody has that kind of luxury

Pre-Exchange with Adrian Straathof

Pre-Exchange with Adrian Straathof

This summer, eight lucky Junior Farmers are leaving Ontario to explore the world around us. Follow along on the JFAO blog as we hear from the JF Travellers before, during,