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Month: July 2017


Week Seven: Cressy Part 2

My seventh week started in a very different way than most of my weeks so far. I was staying another week at the Balyes family farm. I was put to work helping with


Week Six: Cressy

After a fun few weeks spent in and around the more urban areas of Tasmania, the next few weeks were going to be spent out in the more remote areas and the farm


Week Five: Kinborough

My next week lead me into something I hadn’t done yet, and that was spend more than 2 weeks in one county. I was getting the chance to jump that hurdle, as well as I started


Ulster Exchange 2017

On Canada day I set out for an adventure across the sea. I was chosen as this year’s exchange delegate for Northern Ireland, linking up with members of the Young Farmers Club of Ulster


Escape to Adventure

On June 9th, a group of Junior Farmer members escaped from their work week, to have an adventurous weekend at this year’s Leadership Camp. This


2nd blog from the Summer Delegates

With Durham West we loved seeing the mushroom farm, which is something we had never seen before and a lavender farm which was also a bit different. A very relaxing and picturesque