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Month: August 2017

Austria Exchange: Kristy-Anne Wytenburg, Carelton County

Austria Exchange

It has been a very busy summer, but my JFAO exchange is finally here! My name is Kristy-Anne Wytenburg and I will be heading to Austria to participate in the

Summer Delegates’ Update

Summer Delegates’ Update

The Monday after Canada day they had their first work day. An early start for Christina, Emily, Rieka and Heather at Whitmore’s to help at morning


Week 8: The Final Week

Its finally here, the week I have been dreading, since my first week in Tasmania on exchange, my last week as an exchangee. But no time for sadness now, first I have


A Trip Of A Lifetime

The Junior Farmers Association of Ontario is a great organization, that I have been apart of since the age of 15. It has taken me across most of Ontario