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Austria Exchange

Austria Exchange
Austria Exchange: Kristy-Anne Wytenburg, Carelton County

Kristy-Anne Wytenburg, Renfrew County

It has been a very busy summer, but my JFAO exchange is finally here! My name is Kristy-Anne Wytenburg and I will be heading to Austria to participate in the Austrian exchange through Junior Farmers. I have always had a passion to travel and am very much looking forward to what an agricultural exchange has to offer. By meeting individuals and having the ability to stay on a farm gives travelling a whole different experience. I love getting a chance to live as though individuals of that country do to truly get a feel for the culture. I believe a JFAO exchange will perfectly provide this experience. I will be flying to Vienna and staying on two different farms outside of the city. I am hoping to hike through some gorgeous mountains and learn about the different ways of farming in Austria! Wish me luck as I finally board my flight, and I will let you know how my experience progresses!


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