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Adventure awaits: UK exchange

Adventure awaits: UK exchange
A story about how kindness rules

By Claire Johnston

My name is Claire Johnston from Peel Junior Farmers, and thanks to JFAO (and the many opportunities that they offer) I get to go to the United Kingdom for three months.

Applying to this exchange was a bit of a step. As I won’t be around to participate in this years JFAO summer events, have to set aside work projects, and not see friends and / or family for the summer (and let’s not forget the cows). Though just the thought of touring the United Kingdom, getting to meet up with past exchange delegates – who have come to Ontario, and see their friends and families is worth it.

While I’m heading away, others are coming to Ontario. Take it from someone whose family has hosted for over a decade: It’s worth hosting. The friendships and memories made are fantastic, and you help create a life-changing event for those incoming delegates. Even if you cannot host, help a host out, and tour around and help with the delegates. It brings our community together and there is no other community like agriculture where everyone knows someone, somehow because of organizations like Junior Farmers. Plus it’s an insane amount of fun!

Follow my adventures on Twitter at @JFAOtraveller.


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