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Claire’s UK Exchange First Post

Claire’s UK Exchange First Post
Claire Helping show Barnowl Jerseys at the surrey county show
Claire Warwick Castle

Hard to believe that only at this past March Conference, in Peterborough, was I awarded the opportunity to go to the United Kingdom for three months. With a quick preparation, I flew out of Toronto and by morning had landed in London, England, taken a bus, taxi and train to get to the Devon county where I started my exchange.

So far my exchange has taken me from the southwest of England up to the costal town of Blackpool – for an intense competition and party filled weekend that is the AGM weekend- to the mountains of North Wales, South Wales and over the the rolling hills of mid England.

I have spent the month on farms and in towns. Working with cows, helping race camels, touring castles, showing jerseys and -by far the most fun- hanging out with young farmers. Cheering them on in competition at their rallies, participating in stock judging and exploring their county together.

It’s hard to believe that a month has already gone by. I’m currently in Fife county in Scotland, starting my second month. If you wish to see pictures of what I have been up too and/or want to keep up with me as I go, then follow @JFAOtraveller


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