Stormont Glengarry Winter Activities

A tractor on a road

With everything still looking different in 2021, the Stormont Glengarry Junior Farmers decided to hold a Virtual Snow Ball Silent Auction on Facebook at the beginning of December. The club was overwhelmed by the support from the community through all the generous donations from local individuals and businesses – it would not have been such a success without them! Also, a big thank you to the community who bid on each of these items, allowing us to donate $3,000 to the Do More Agriculture Foundation! Another project we started to work on was magnets and stickers to handout to the community to promote Farm Road Safety. Our have obtained sponsorship to be able to hand these out free of charge at local events. We are all looking forward to getting back to some normalcy in 2022 and seeing fellow members at events throughout the year!

Wellington Busy Fall 2021

Wellington's Busy Fall!

Despite the ever changing restrictions, Wellington County Junior Farmers were able to stay connected over the fall and winter. Our annual Pumpkin Pajamarama was held at the Drayton Agricultural Society building. Everyone brought a pumpkin, pajamas, carving tools, a pumpkin related snack and their creativity. There were 10 people in attendance including current members, alumni and guests. We also held an ice cream booth fundraiser at the first ever Mapleton Harvest Festival and were able to donate $50 to the Drayton Foodbank as well as a selection of ice cream and popsicles to the Palmerston Hospital Foundation for our local health care workers. Finally, we had a club Thanksgiving potluck, cleaned up our adopted roadway, participated in the Drayton Christmas Parade and held a club Christmas party with great attendance at all! We look forward to the new year and hopefully continued in person interactions with members, alumni and the community!

Middlesex JF Fall Event

Middlesex JF

The Middlesex Junior Farmers had a busy fall season with many projects in the community. On October 2, we handed out chocolate milk to visitors at the Ilderton Fair as part of their agriculture awareness program. There was almost always a line at our table as kids and adults were excited to have the treat to enjoy. There were resources on the table with information and recipes that they could take home with them as well. Some people took the opportunity to ask questions about the animals they saw. We held our annual canned food drive at the Komoka Foodland on October 30. We collected 300 lbs of food and $387.52 that was split between the Ailsa Craig Foodbank and the Strathroy Salvation Army Foodbank. We finished our Who Let The Cows Out Program and donated $1310 to the Do More Ag Foundation. In November, our club wanted to do a dance night but in order to follow COVID restrictions, we decided that line dancing was a safe option. We found an instructor who was willing to come and teach our group. We invited members from Oxford, Huron Perth, and Essex Kent clubs to join us as well as other young people in our community. We learned line dances to classic songs such as Boot Scootin’ Boogie, Cotton Eyed Joe, and Good Time; as well as more pop songs such as Bad Habit, Poker Face, and Fancy Like. We had a great turnout of both Junior Farmer and non-Junior Farmer members with approximately 40 people attending. There were lots of laughs and smiles as we had not seen each other in person for a long time. We enjoyed dancing, beef on a bun, and hanging out late into the night. For Christmas, our club typically does a gift exchange amongst our members at our annual Christmas Party. This year we decided to collect toys and games to be donated to the Food Bank instead. Our club managed to collect approximately $500 worth of toys and our members enjoyed shopping for toys they thought that kids would enjoy. We also participated in the Ilderton Christmas parade with our float of cows pulling Santa’s sleigh.

2021 Ontario Young Farmers Forum Summary

2021 Ontario Young Farmers Forum East

The 2021 Ontario Young Farmers Forum (OYFF) included virtual and in-person sessions that followed current public health restrictions. The OYFF committee began planning in August and committee members included Karen De Bruyn, Jamie Schultz, Arin Douglas, Tina Wark, Nic Willemsma, and Christine Wyville. Special thanks to Meredith Mulligan for managing the social media posts. The OYFF virtual sessions consisted of a four-part speaker series that took place during the month of November. The first three sessions included presentations by industry representatives followed by virtual socials. The final session featured a discussion with a panel of young farmers from across Ontario and even one from Newfoundland, followed by a virtual social. The OYFF in-person sessions were comprised of an event held in Eastern Ontario and an event held in Western Ontario. These events allowed attendees to participate in two farm tours and come together for a catered lunch.

Autumn Profile – JFAO’s Amazing Race

Autumn Profile - JFAO's Amazing Race

On October 23rd 2021 Grey Country Junior Farmers Hosted 11 teams in the town of Meaford for Amazing Race Challenge. Throughout the town members of Grey County Junior Famers hosted mini challenges that each team traveled to by foot. At each event the teams where given their next clue to the location of their next event. Some of the mini challenges included Lawn Tractor Obstacles, Judging, Trivia, Puzzles, Truck Pull, Straw Games, Goofy Goggle Obstacles and many more. All week the weather was calling for snow, but we were very lucky to have a day of sun. The Amazing race event became the talk of the town very quickly and some locals even helped to guide teams to their next location. We were very pleased with the day, with only had one minor injury and only positive feedback. Later that evening club members were invited back to the Wyville residence for a night of music and social. As pre health protocols this event was held outside in a shop. The night was a little chilly but was fairly well attended. Overall, the Grey County Junior Farmers were very please with how the day went. It was a fun day to plan and to host. We would like to thank all the teams who attended.

March Conference

March Conference 2022

On the Road Again!

March 25th – 27th 2022 Peterborough, ON

logo march conference 2022The Annual Junior Farmers’ Association of Ontario March Conference and Annual General Meeting (AGM) is being held March 25th – 27th 2022 in Peterborough.  Members from throughout the province are invited to the Holiday Inn – Waterfront Hotel for a great weekend of leadership, networking and to recognize those who have shown outstanding community betterment, locally and provincially. This year’s conference is sure to be action packed with a variety of Farm Tours & speakers. The new executive and agricultural representatives are elected and delegates are chosen for international exchanges at JFAO’s Annual March Conference.  The 2022 Theme is On The Road Again.  For more information and to register please follow the link below. Register Here: Download the 2022 March Conference Package. (PDF, 486KB) Contact:

About March Conference

The Annual Junior Farmers’ Association of Ontario March Conference and Annual General Meeting (AGM) are held each year at the end of March. Members from throughout the province gather in Eastern or Western Ontario (alternates each year) for a great weekend of leadership, networking and to recognize those who have shown outstanding community betterment, locally and provincially. It is an action packed conference with a dynamic group of speakers, sessions and facilitators each year. The new executive and agricultural representatives are elected and delegates are chosen for international exchanges at JFAO’s Annual March Conference.

March Conference 2022 March 25-27

Peterborough Soil & Crop Improvement Association
Ontario Federation of Agriculture
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Turkey Farmers

Governance for Rural Leaders

Governance for Rural Leaders Program

Governance Solutions and JFAO Present Rural Leadership Program

The Governance for Rural Leaders Program builds your leadership skills with the governance essentials
every rural board member, aspiring board member, and executive should know.

Make a Difference in your Community

Being a leader in a rural community can be challenging: That’s why Governance Solutions designed this
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Regardless of the size of your agricultural business, organization, or board, The Governance for Rural
Leaders program develops corporate governance expertise by ensuring that rural leaders have the skills,
knowledge, attitude, and capabilities to get the most out of the time and effort they invest in controlling
and directing their organization.

Necessary for Junior Board Members:

Are you 100% prepared to face the challenges your new responsibilities may throw at you? Expand your skill set and find the confidence to fully occupy your seat at the boardroom table.

Important for those Seeking a Board Position:

A deep understanding of rural governance is a great asset, and may boards now expect governance certification from their applicants.
Be ready for your next opportunity by completing the program now.

Be More Effective!

This comprehensive program gives you:

  • The skills and competence needed to fulfill your role as a leader.
  • A comprehensive understanding of governance and how it operates within your business, sector, and organizational
  • Practical working knowledge of business finance including the tools and know-how to use financial information
    strategically at the board level.
  • Deep awareness of how you can add value in the boardroom.

Structure and Details

Earn your Certificate in Governance for Rural Leaders online, at your own pace: as fast or slow as you want, but always at the speed your organization needs!

  • This program includes 8 self-paced levels and a final exam.
  • Each self-paced level includes instructional videos, reading material, and a quiz to show you’ve mastered
    the content. You’ll be given full access to this module’s materials from day one, with total freedom to review
    the content and complete the quiz at your own pace.
  • After completing all 8 modules you will receive a Governance for Rural Leaders Certificate.

Expectations are extremely high for any board member. Meeting and exceeding them starts
with fully understanding your fundamental role and the skills required to effectively keep your
organization on track.

From the board’s role in strategic planning to the importance of director independence and term
limits, you will learn how to help your board keep things on track and build strong governance

Gain a deeper understanding of your role and what it takes to lead. From best practices for board
chairs to the do’s and don’ts of committee effectiveness, you’ll learn how to lead more effectively
and create strong governance protocols to guide you.

Even the best governance structures can falter if the boardroom culture is unhealthy. Understand
how to eliminate dysfunction in the boardroom and foster a constructive, engaged board dynamic
that leads to healthy relationships, better decisions, and enhanced growth.

Gain a deeper understanding of your role and what it takes to lead. From best practices for board
chairs to the do’s and don’ts of committee effectiveness, you’ll learn how to lead more effectively
and create strong governance protocols to guide you.

Even the best governance structures can falter if the boardroom culture is unhealthy. People are
your organization’s most important asset, and you will be focusing on getting the right people on
the right things. From the key elements of board orientation, renewal and succession to external
communications and corporate social responsibility, you’ll learn to bring out the best in your

Boards play a critical role in risk oversight, so it’s essential to define exactly what risk is – and what
it isn’t. You’ll learn how risk is linked to organizational strategy, what SWOT is and how it can make
your life easier, and how to optimize risk.

Whether you have a CEO, General Manager or Executive Director, a strong board relationship
with your most-senior manager is essential to good governance. You’ll learn how to optimize that
relationship through effective succession, evaluation, and delegation.

Professional Director

Governance Solutions is providing rural leaders with an opportunity to build their leadership skills and understand the essentials associated with being a rural board member. This certificate program consists of 8 levels including governance essentials, financial oversight, and much more! This program can be completed online at your own pace and finishes with a Governance for Rural Leaders Certificate!

There are currently a few remaining spots available in which Junior Farmer members can apply to be subsidized for a completing a module. Do not miss out of your opportunity to take part in this program!

For more information please see program outline. (PDF, 1.5MB)

Keeping The Flamingos Moving

Stormont-Glengarry Junior Farmers volleyball tournament

The Stormont-Glengarry Junior Farmers have been trying to keep busy despite the pandemic. We have been keeping the flamingos moving and did some 911 Farm sign installations. We also participated in a volleyball tournament to raise money for one of our local community centre’s (see attached picture).  We would also like to congratulate member, Maxime Quesnel and Hélène Lauzon on finally saying “I do”. We are thankful to finally be back to in-person meetings. 

Grey Busy Summer With Ag Adventure

Grey JF Ag Adventure

Grey has been busy this summer with our Ag Adventure which went over really well.

We enjoyed seeing all of the pictures that everyone submitted!

We have been enjoying having in person meetings again and are looking forward to more in-person events! We were proud to be apart of the Markdale Virtual Calf Show & the Rocklyn 4H Calf Show this year as well.

We were also happy to bartend at an alumni’s wedding!

Huron Perth JF Embraced Warm Weather

Huron Perth roadside cleanup

Huron Perth honeyOver the summer, Huron Perth Junior Farmers embraced the warm weather and toured the counties. In June, we were able to do our annual roadside cleanup on a portion of Road119 outside of Stratford, followed by an ice cream social. In July, we helped out at Lucknow’s Ag Society Movie Night with helping to park cars, and were able to enjoy the movie afterwards. August was a big month, touring Koskamp Family Farms near Stratford, to learn about milking Water Buffalo and their biogas operations. We followed the tour by canoeing and kayaking down the Thames River in St. Mary’s with some members from Waterloo JF, Oxford JF, and alumni. We ended August by holding a mini-golf tournament at Point Farms near Goderich. In September, we got to learn more about honey bees and help process some honey from one of our member’s hives(Sam Knechtel).