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Perth County where we were welcomed with a club BBQ

Time Is Disappearing

After Waterloo we headed off to Huron County, although the weather had became a little colder this week that did not damping any of our spirits and we had a busy week touring around the county. A few highlights


Six Delegates from Six Different Countries

Our first area we visited was wasZone 4 and we started of in Haldiman & Norfolk County. The highlights of our first weeks was our day trip to Niagara Falls

Claire Helping show Barnowl Jerseys at the surrey county show

Claire’s UK Exchange First Post

Hard to believe that only at this past March Conference, in Peterborough, was I awarded the opportunity to go to the United Kingdom for three months. With a quick preparation, I flew

A Month in England - Victoria Kyle

A Month in England – Victoria Kyle

I flew into Manchester airport on July 27 and took a train to meet my next host Emma Littlewood from Kent Estuary club in Cumbria. On Tuesday I toured around the countryside and nearest